About Us

Custom Jewelry at Yamamori Limited comes in many levels and prices ranges. From the most common jewelry assembled from standardized parts, to lost wax castings, to the high end hand fabricated jewelry. Here at Yamamori Ltd. we are capable of providing you with the unique handcrafted jewelry that you desire at the price level you are comfortable with.

We can create a new piece of jewelry using your diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or other gemstones, or we can provide those for you using our long standing relationships with some of the best stone cutters in the world. We can also take your old, rarely worn jewelry, and use it to create a new piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear every day. What is important to us is not where your gems come from, but where your inspiration to create a beautiful piece of custom platinum, gold, or silver jewelry that shows off your personality and desire comes from.

Yosuke Yamamori was born and reared in Japan. After completing college, he went to work for a Japanese pearl company where he was trained in all aspects of the pearl industry. After two years with the company, he was sent to Hong Kong to train employees of a department store in sorting, grading, and stringing pearls.

In 1968 Yosuke came to the United States and opened a small business, YYP Manufacturing Company, making pearl jewelry which he sold to jewelry stores throughout North Carolina. In 1969 he received his G.I.A. diamond certification, began studies of colored stones and expanded his jewelry line.

In the early 1970’s Yosuke was not certain that his English was adequate to deal with the public on a full-time basis. Also, at that time, very few jewelry stores
had full-time benchmen. These two circumstances lead him to expand his business by doing “trade work” (repairs and specialty work for other jewelry stores) while continuing to manufacture his own line of jewelry. To accommodate his growing business he purchased a building on East Wendover Avenue where he was located until September of 1999 when he moved to State Street.

By 1979 friends and acquaintances were asking Yosuke to make items for them, and in response, Yamamori Limited was established as a small showroom open
to the public in his manufacturing facility. The requests and needs of his retail customers led him into custom work: the design and manufacture of singular pieces of jewelry replicating a drawing, picture, or other description provided by the customer. A hand-carved wax model of the item is produced and upon the customer’s approval is cast in gold or platinum and set with precious stones if applicable. Since the late 1980’s there has been a pronounced interest in custom work, with an emphasis on higher quality gemstones. This is an aspect of the business that is especially enjoyable to Yosuke because of the diversity of the work and the customer enthusiasm.

In 1992 Yosuke’s wife, Kathie, a Greensboro native, began assisting at the shop with sales and bookkeeping. In 1995, Josh Wood, Yosuke’s stepson, began helping on a part-time basis while pursing his master’s degree. He became quite accomplished in the repair side of the business and has done some excellent wax work. He now helps us in his spare time.

Since going into business, Yosuke has relied primarily on word of mouth for his advertising, which has proved most satisfying. However, the population and map of Greensboro have expanded dramatically in the last thirty years. The two most common refrains from new customers are “I’ve never heard of you” and “I never knew you were here.” As a result, we decided to move to a place offering greater accessibility; and decided on State Street.


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