Design Process

Yamamori Limited prides itself in specializing in the custom jewelry process. When a
piece of jewelry is designed there are steps involved to insure that the piece is exactly
what our client has envisioned.

The first step of our custom design process involves sketching ideas with our client.
This helps to clarify a direction for Yosuke to create a three dimensional wax model.

The second step begins with sculpting the design from a block of wax, slowly working and
sculpting until he has achieved perfect shape and design. At this point the client approves
the wax model or requests modifications necessary to customize the design.

Then it is off to either have a mold made if the customer wishes to make multiple items
with the same wax. This is the process shown with the rectangular red block with the wax
sitting on top of it. This process is done by casting the piece of jewelry and then layering
rubber sheets over the metal casted piece in order to leave a 3-D imprint so that Future
waxes can be created. If we are making a one of a kind piece jewelry we go from the wax
to the casting process in any choice of metal so that it cannot be duplicated.

After the rough cast is finished, our master craftsman Yosuke completes the piece.
Painstakingly polished along with the setting of the stones are just a few of the steps
involved in finishing the client’s jewelry. Any necessary final adjustments are made
after the client has viewed the piece.

We specialize in creating custom designed jewelry.
Yosuke begins sketching and discussing your custom piece
from ideas and/or a picture creating a basis for a wax mold.
Once a design direction has been selected, Yosuke sculpts
the piece in wax, transforming your idea into a three
dimensional design.
Created in the specific ring size, the wax replica
is set with your stones for approval before casting
the finished piece in your choice of metal.
Your unique piece is set with your stones and polished
to a high luster, resulting in a forever lasting shine.

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